Building Better Families

How Coparent Academy Works

Coparent Academy is an educational community that provides a new approach to coparenting built on our collective professional experience and peer-reviewed coparenting and child-development research. Our community presents life changing coparenting content through instructional videos, downloadable content, and a community platform dedicated to concrete solutions to the everyday problems of coparents doing their best to develop a healthy and safe environment for their children and themselves.

Our course materials efficiently provide coparents with the knowledge they need to improve their coparenting regardless of their coparent’s behavior.

We begin with our 3 Foundational Courses. These courses teach the coparenting principles, communication techniques, and active conflict resolution tools that will help you reduce conflict in any coparenting situation you encounter.

Our Advanced Courses address situations coparents confront frequently, covering everything from visitation transfers to discipline and introducing new romantic partners.

Each course may be purchased individually or in discounted bundles. Family law professionals, such as attorneys, guardians ad litem, parenting coordinators, and courts can purchase seat licenses for even greater discounts which can be passed on to the parents they assist.

If you experience any issues with site performance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at ron@coparentacademy.com.